About Us

AES Latin America & Caribbean is a facilitator of wastewater technology and specializes in providing design assistance and technical support to wastewater designers and installers seeking creative and economic onsite solutions for both commercial and residential wastewater applications.As an exclusive distributor of Presby Environmental Inc. products and systems we supply the worlds most practical and effective wastewater treatment systems, Advanced Enviro-Septic® (AES), combining superior treatment with ease of installation and long term cost advantages.

Using less energy and requiring less maintenance than other systems, Advanced Enviro-Septic® is a preferred wastewater treatment method for those wanting to reduce costs. It is also a very attractive substitute to regular wastewater services and other treatment technologies. This makes the systems distributed by AES Latin America & Caribbean a great solution for both domestic and commercial needs.


The Enviro-Septic® Systems have not only revolutionised the way wastewater is treated from a practicality standpoint, however, the Enviro-Septic® tanks are also cutting edge in terms of their environmental sustainability.The Advanced Enviro-Septic™ system is an innovative Advanced Secondary Wastewater Treatment System that is passive and non-mechanical, removing up to 99% of wastewater contaminants and giving it one of the lowest carbon footprints in the wastewater treatment industry. The Advanced Enviro-Septic™ Systems are adaptable and scalable to virtually any residential or commercial application including municipal sewerage plants.

Headquartered in Chile, with offices in Santiago, AES Latin America & Caribbean’s experienced staff are experts at providing sustainable onsite-treatment solutions for challenged sites throughout Latin America and the Caribbean region.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Why choose AES? Here are just a few reasons

  • Easy installation and setup
  • Fully customisable options
  • Does not require a contract or long term obligation
  • Does not require harmful chemicals
  • 20 years manufacturers warranty for all components
  • Does not require servicing
  • Not at risk of sudden failure if incorrect items are flushed
  • Can be installed by your local certified licenced plumber
  • Approved by councils if site and soil conditions permit
  • Does not require expensive blowers or aerators
  • Not at risk of failure if you go on holidays
  • Does not require expensive pumps